布里德市長發表財政預算案,與市參事陳詩敏、盧凱莉等握手。 My proposed budget My fellow San Franciscans, This past week, I introduced a balanced budget for the next two years that builds on our?priorities to keep San Francisco safe, clean, and vibrant. We will deliver?critical services for our residents, even while we had to balance the largest deficit I have seen as Mayor.? This budget focuses on the City’s biggest challenges: delivering clean and safe streets, restoring San Francisco’s Downtown and economy, responding to homelessness and behavioral health challenges, and strengthening coordination and efficiency of government. It also delivers key support for our work around Climate Action, supporting our transportation system, providing beautiful parks and libraries, addressing food insecurity,?continuing programs so San Francisco can be a thriving city for all, and more.? Starting next week, the Board of Supervisors will begin review of this budget, and approving it will require all of us to work in a spirit of collaboration over the next month to deliver on our promise to the residents of San Francisco. Delivering A Clean and Safe City? Everywhere I go, the conversation is?about public safety. Residents, merchants, and business owners are asking to see more police on our streets. We have seen a significant decline in our police staffing since the pandemic, but we are turning that around. We must change the culture around public safety in this City – and we have been. It’s about hiring more police, but it’s also about accountability, and our new District Attorney is aggressively seeking to detain offenders with multiple cases or who represent a significant public safety risk. It’s also about continuing to be aggressive in creating alternative public safety solutions.? This Budget meets these priorities by investing in: Building back the Police Force to meet long-term hiring goals?by adding 220 new officers over the next two years? Expanding alternatives to policing to free up officers to focus on crime and safety issues?by funding ambassadors, civilian public safety positions, and our?Street Response Teams?? Giving our District Attorney tools to hold people accountable,?including prosecutors dedicated to drug dealing.? Expanding street cleaning crews across the City, including continuing the graffiti abatement program? My budget also focuses our coordinated efforts around shutting down open-air drug markets by delivering support for both law enforcement and the treatment and care for those on our streets. We are changing how we intervene with those struggling on our streets -- it’s not compassionate to let people deteriorate on our sidewalks and it’s not okay to let behavior get out of control.? Restoring our Downtown and Economy? San Francisco needs a thriving Downtown to support our economy citywide. We are following our Roadmap to Downtown’s Future to implement strategies and there’s a lot currently underway. We have come so far from when San Francisco had to shut down in 2020, but we will need to focus on changing how we think about the future of Downtown to be successful. We can’t follow the same old laws – 2023 is very different than 2019.?? My Budget invests in keeping existing businesses stable, while recruiting new businesses, both large and small, to be a part of our City’s future. Here’s what I’m proposing:? Changing taxes and fees for both existing businesses and to recruit new business?to fill empty office space and grow our economy? Filling vacancies through targeted programs?to fill empty storefronts and activate our neighborhoods? Launching Street Activations and Beautification Efforts?to bring make our streets vibrant for residents, workers, and visitors? San Francisco is still a world-class destination and that’s because of our unique advantage to be flexible and creative.? Next Steps? We have a big budget because we have big goals, which also includes continuing to make progress on homelessness, ramping up behavioral health efforts, and supporting children, youth and families, and this is just some of what I am deeply committed to seeing continue over the next two years as we work to get San Francisco back on track. The next steps are for the Board of Supervisors to review and hold hearings on the Budget during the month of June. Again, I look forward to working collaboratively with my hard-working Budget team and the Board over the coming weeks to deliver a balanced, effective, and efficient budget for our residents. Please add me on WeChat for updates and resources: londonbreed. Sincerely, London N. Breed Mayor









‧ 通過在未來兩年增加220名新警員來建設警隊,以實現長期的雇用人手目標。

‧ 通過資助社區大使、文職公共安全職位和我們的街道應變小組,讓警察能夠專注於處理犯罪和安全問題。

‧ 為地檢官提供追究責任的資源,包括專門負責有關毒品交易的檢察官。

‧ 在全市範圍內增加街道清潔人員,包括繼續消除塗鴉計劃。





‧ 改變現有企業的稅製,並招募新的企業,以填補空置的辦公空間,從而發展經濟

‧ 通過有針對性的計劃填補空缺,以填補空置店面來帶動刺激社區

‧ 啟動活化街道和美化工作,使我們的街道為居民、工人和遊客帶來活力。







三藩市市長 倫敦.布里德